Our Work

We provide the following services here at Freshinkstudio1:

New Creative Design Tattoos

You tell us what you want and one of our professional artists will design it for you! They will work closely with you to ensure you have the design you want

Cover Ups

Whether it is an old  tattoo or a surgical scar  we enjoy a challenge and will ensure you have the final result your desire
Whatever your request we operate as a licensed tattoo studio and impose a strict over 18 policy and photographic ID e.g. passport, driving license etc. will be requested before any work is done.

Don't be offended when asked we just want to ensure we provide you with best service and care possible!

Tattoo Aftercare

After 1.5 - 2 hours remove any dressing that may have been applied.

Wash your tattoo carefully with warm soapy water using clean hands (do not use a flannel or a sponge as this may impede healing).

Be sure to rinse all the soap off your new tattoo to minimise any chance of irritation. Gently dab dry with fresh kitchen roll.You should avoid using any other materials i.e. towel, tissue etc. as this may affect the healing process. Apply a thin layer of the aftercare cream, we recommend Bepanthen. Repeat the cleaning process twice a day, morning and evening. Re-apply your cream in-between washes - little and often.

Problematic healing can often be caused by;

Itching, picking and/or scratching your new tattoo. Aggravation (due to clothing on the area). Not using the suggested aftercare products.

ANY contact with unwashed hands.

Prolonged exposure to the sun/sun-beds etc.

Soaking in water, for example bathing or swimming.

Exposure to dirt/dust at work.

Ask your tattooist for advice if this applies to you

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