We are experienced in all piercings from earlobes to genitals and dermal implants. Our body piercers are highly competent in sterilisation techniques and possess high levels of cross contamination awareness.

We are constantly keeping up to date with health awareness issues so that you are in the best care. All equipment used during piercing produces is a autoclave sterilised AND/OR hospital grade disinfected.We stock a wide range of jewellery for all body parts to add that extra touch to your piercing.

We pierce 6 days a week. Telephone/Online bookings are preferable, although we do offer a walk-in service when time permits.

Piercings Aftercare

Hot compress or osmosis (Approx. ¼ teaspoon of sea salt to ½ pint of hot water.) This method works best when used with hot but not boiling water.

Soak a wedge of tissue (not cotton wool as the fibres may get inside the piercing) and place on the piercing for a few minutes or until it starts to cool downRemove any crust around the piercing with a clean piece of tissue and repeat just before the final rinse. This will help to open the pores of the skin.

Pour the remainder into a clean container just big enough to cover the area. Soak the piercing for 10 minutes, making sure the water is warm at all times. This will draw out any impurities or trapped fluid out of the piercing.

After this process it would be a good idea to rinse the area with clean water or a very mild antibacterial solution - which should also be rinsed with clean water. This can be repeated a few times a week to heal a piercing, but when treating a problematic piercing twice a day is preferable.

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