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Freshinkstudio1 provides high quality service specialising in tattoos, laser removals and piercings. The artists at Freshinkstudio1 will provide you with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Here at Freshinkstudio1 we take pride in our work and will go the extra mile to provide you with a memorable experience. No matter what you are having done you know you will be in the best hands with our impeccable service adhering to all required health standards and regulations.


Providing experienced custom artwork, each of our artists specialise in various areas including: covering up old tattoos, surgical scars and designing creative tattoos that represent you.


We pride ourselves in the high level of customer experience we can offer. We consider it paramount that at Freshinkstudio1 we demonstrate that we take your hygiene welfare seriously and have highly invested in the best sterilization equipment available.

Laser Removal

Laser removals performed only by qualified and certified professionals using innovative technology. Ensuring you receive the best before and after care whilst you undergo your treatment.


Our Artists

Find out more about our artists at FreshInkStudio1

Keeping things in line down at Freshinkstudio1 is Ishola

His passion for tattoos, piercing and removing unwanted tattoos is the reason Freshinkstudio1 exists for you. Ishola is a trained laser technician and runs the Laser Tattoo Removal clinic in Freshinkstudio1. Providing a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, his priority is to make sure his customers feel safe and get the results they are after.

Take a peak at the gallery to see some of his work! Always ready to help with any queries you may have. Give him a call on 07459-664-550 for further info or drop him an email at ishola@freshinkstudio1.co.uk

Lasering takes place during opening hours, appointments only. Appointments outside of opening hours can take place on an ad-hoc basis for an additional fee. (Lasering by freshinkstudio1, coverup tattooed by freshinkstudio1 ).

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